How to Earn on Dealmega Last update 1 month ago

How do I start earning on Dealmega?

Sign up on Dealmega. Follow the Four Easy Steps to Dealmega Triumph on your seller dashboard, and watch as the earnings begin pouring in!

How much can I earn on Dealmega?

Your potential earnings will vary based on factors like your expertise, niche, efficiency, and rating. Active sellers on Dealmega typically earn around $400 or $500 per month, while top sellers can rake in several thousand dollars!

Do I need to pay anything to use Dealmega?

Nope, you're in luck! There are no charges for accounts or subscriptions on Dealmega. We simply deduct a percentage fee from completed orders.

When pricing your services, factor in this fee to ensure you receive your desired payment. Simple, right?

How much time should I dedicate?

The amount of time you dedicate to Dealmega is entirely up to you. Some sellers make it their full-time gig, while others treat it as a side hustle, putting in a few hours per week.

With Dealmega, you're in control of your schedule. Whether you prefer burning the midnight oil or rising with the sun, and whether you're looking to work 50 hours or just 5, it's all your call. Tailor your workload to fit your lifestyle, goals, and individual needs.

How do I receive payment for my work?

Dealmega ensures that sellers get paid securely and promptly. When a buyer purchases your services, they pay upfront. While you're working on an order, Dealmega holds onto those funds. Once the buyer approves your delivery, Dealmega releases the payment to you immediately. From there, you can choose to keep the funds in your Dealmega account or transfer them to your Payoneer or Paypal.